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Product: Brand style and logo for the company "Zhytomyrbudtrans"

This is a company engaged in the maintenance and repair of cars, as well as the leasing and operation of owned or leased real estate.


2021 - 2 weeks


Create a corporate style and logo that would distinguish them from others and convey the company's values.

Brand identity

Gray became the main color because it is perceived as neutral and trustworthy, and it further enhances the accent red color I used in the logo.



The company name can be shortened to ЖБТ, which looks concise and unusual, such a combination of letters is not often found in logos, so it will be easier to stand out. In the development process, I decided to combine the shape of a cube (this shape is associated with reliability and stability, which was suitable for the image I wanted to create).


Business cards and letterheads

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