Law office of Edgar Sotskyi

law office mockup final

Product: Brand identity and website for a law firm.

Target audience: entrepreneurs or self-employed workers aged 18 to 65.


2022 year - 3 weeks


The client already had his own website, but it didn’t work as well as he expected. To understand why I analyzed the site itself and found the following flaws:

 There is no CTA on the page.

 The site does not look complete due to the lack of corporate style and a single color palette.

 There is no clear navigation, some pages tell the same information.

 The main heading is missing, it is usually Google that shows it in the page description in the search results. It is the first impression even before the user visits your page.


  • creation of a unique style that would distinguish this office from competitors and inspire confidence among clients;

  • clearly informing clients about the legal services they receive;

  • coverage of complex topics related to the field of law in accessible publications;

  • providing the user with an easy way to contact the law firm.

law office mockup


Since the client's initials are S.E., I decided to use this to create a logo design and combine letters. When I confirmed emerald and white as the main colors, I immediately used them in the design and created several color combinations. At the bottom, you see a white logo with a green accent, but there is also an option the other way around.

law office logo sketchlaw office logo

Design system

One of the client's requirements was a dark emerald color and, based on it, I selected all the others to complement it: the second main (white) and accent (dark gold).

Фірмовий бланк

Після створення логотипу, я використала його при розробці фірмого бланку. Тут ви можете бачити логотип в іншій кольоровій палітрі.


Final version

What changes were made and how it affected user conversion. In the end, I solved all pressing problems in this way:

  • Added a call to action button and made it as visible as possible.

  • I created a corporate style, where all elements are part of a single design system.

  • Changed the main sections in the site navigation and logically organized links to other pages.

  • Added missing headings and structured the text.

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