“Sirens & Muses"

Sirens & Muses

Product: Brand style and website for a souvenir handmade project.


2022 - 1 week


  • creation of an elegant and minimal logo;

  • reflection of the marine theme of the project;

  • expansion of the client base.


This time, I created a logo and corporate style for a handmade souvenir project. The client already had a theme that I focused on in the process, nautical and Greek. At first, I decided to try to work with an antique style. I have created several logos using fonts and patterns from the ancient period. But after the first revision, the client changed direction and I concentrated on the marine theme. At the request of the client, I developed something more elegant and light, which would correspond to the name of the project. I got three options for logos and after 2 revisions, I combined the first and third into one final design.

Sirens & Muses seal

Design system

The next stage was the creation of the main palette. For it, I chose the colors of shells: different shades of pink and sand, and dark brown as the accent color of the text. For the logo, I took a font with elegant glyphs: FoglihtenNo07, and stylized some of the letters to resemble mermaid tails. For the letterhead: I used the fonts Bodoni 92 Old (headings) and Montserrat (text).


After approval of our design system and logo, I created letterheads and business cards.

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