“Sirens & Muses” веб-сайт

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Project on Behance

Product: Website for "Sirens & Muses"

"Sirens & Muses is a souvenir handmade project of elegant and minimalist home decor. The store specializes in selling antique candles and figurines in a nautical style. The target audience is women aged 20 to 45.

As part of my self-improvement, I decided to create an e-commerce website for the store. I chose this store because I had already cooperated with it when I was developing my corporate identity and logo. Read more here.

At the time, the store only had an Instagram page. The brand used the page to promote its products and receive orders via personal messages. However, this made it difficult to process orders due to the number of messages received. To simplify the process of ordering and paying for goods for customers and the owner, this layout was developed.


2023 - 1 week


  • create an elegant and minimalistic design for the website;

  • reflecting the antique theme of the project;

  • create a convenient catalog with products and their descriptions;

  • facilitate the ordering process.

Tools: Figma/Pages

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Analysis of direct and indirect competitors

As a customer, you don't pay attention to how many steps it takes to order and pay for a product. So I needed to analyze how others do it, what crucial data must be specified, and how it is described. To do this, I analyzed other stores that deliver decor or goods such as Jysk, Ikea, Aliexpress, etc.

User flow 

After analyzing and mapping, I created a user flow in Figma. The user flow contained decision points that ensured a smooth ordering process.

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Style guide

To ensure consistency and cohesiveness for the site, I developed a style guide. Starting with a basic style, I added new elements, including the following:


I used Kyiv Type Sans for headlines and Monserrat for text in the design. The fonts emphasize the product's minimalism and elegance.


I chose shades of pink and powder, as these colors often have shells. A contrasting brown was added as an accent.

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